Buenas Glutinous Cake (Suman Sa Ibos) 454g

Buenas Glutinous Cake (Suman Sa Ibos) 454g

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Suman Sa Ibos from Pearl delight is a delicious snack made from glutinous rice rolled in pandan leaves.

This snack is popularly called Ketan rice cake. It is made from cooked glutinous rice with coconut milk. The glutinous rice is rolled up in pandan leaves. This dish is a dessert that is well known in the Philippines. Is often sprinkled with sugar during eating. Due to rolling in pandan leaves, this dish also gets a natural pandan flavor. Try it quickly and enjoy this ready-made Suman Sa Ibos.

Ingredients :
Sticky Rice (55%), Water, Coconut Milk, Sugar

Product of The Philippines