Zab Mike Fermented Fish Sauce 350ml

Zab Mike Fermented Fish Sauce 350ml

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Pla ra or Pla Rah is a traditional northeastern Thai and Lao seasoning produced by fermenting fish with rice bran or roasted rice powder and salt fermented in a closed container for at least 6 months. Its flavors are salty and sour. There are two phases for making pla ra. The first phase is to ferment fish with salt until it is softer, and the next phase is to ferment it with roasted rice powder for its scent and flavor.

Used as seasoning in Papaya Salad

Fermented Fish Sauce (Fish, Ground Roasted Rice, Water, Salt) 93%, Sugar, Pickled Garlic Juice, Flavoured Enhancer (E621), Colour (Caramel), Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum).

Product of Thailand