Maesri Green Curry Paste 100g

Maesri Green Curry Paste 100g

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This authentic Thai Green Curry Paste from Maesri is recognised as being one of the best curry pastes commercially available.

Simply add the Maesri Green Curry paste to a pan with some oil & fry for a couple of minutes to release the aromas. Then add a small amount of coconut milk and fry for another minute or so.

Add your chosen meat, vegetables or fish and the remainder of your coconut milk & cook through.

Ingredients: Fresh green chillies 35%, garlic, Chinese ginger, Shallot, Lemon grass 7%, Salt, Sweet Basil 3%, Kaffir lime 3%, Sugar, Spices (coriander seeds, pepper, cumin, cardamon, tumeric), Galangal, Acidity regulator: Citric Acid