Chiu Chow Brand Fish Balls (Large) 200g

Chiu Chow Brand Fish Balls (Large) 200g

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Ideal for use in Thai curries (Red, Green etc), in barbecues, with noodles, hotpot or in Asian soup or soup noodle dishes.

Ingredients: Fish Fillet (Priacanthus tayenus, Nemipterus spp) 68%, Water, Tapioca Starch, Salt, Sugar, Flavour Enhancers: E621, Egg White Powder, Emulsifiers: E450, E451

Keep frozen at -18 (Always defrost product thoroughly before use, do not refreeze after defrosting

Please be advised that this frozen product will defrost during delivery and the dumplings may stick together. Upon arrival please keep it refrigerated and we recommend to consume within 24 hours or manufacturer’s guidelines, whichever is soonest.

Product of Thailand