Kirin Rice Sticks 5mm 400g

Kirin Rice Sticks 5mm 400g

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Thai rice stick noodles are a versatile ingredient in many Thai and other South East Asian dishes. The noodles are  similar in size to tagliatelle, but unlike pasta they are gluten-free as well as being vegan and vegetarian.

These rice stick noodles are great for soaking up robust flavours - try adding them to broths a couple of minutes before serving. They're also great stir-fried in dishes such as Pad Thai - just soak them in hot water for 6-8 minutes, drain and toss into the wok.

Rice stick noodles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, unlike its European counterpart, because these Asian noodles are created from pure rice flour and water, they are gluten free (ideal for the gluten intolerant) and don’t contain any eggs (for the strict vegetarians).

Rice stick noodles are so incredibly popular because of their tendency to soak up the robust and exotic flavors typical of Thai cooking. Their inherently mild flavor provides the perfect foundation for just about any dish, which, combined with their low price and versatility, makes them an obvious choice for Thai cooks.

Rice Flour 100%

1. Pour rice sticks into warm water.
2. Cook for 6-8 minutes till rice stick softens
3. Drain water. Rice sticks is then ready for frying or cooking in a soup.

Product of Thailand.