All Groo Mushroom & Tofu Udon 420ml

All Groo Mushroom & Tofu Udon 420ml

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Noodles 81%: Wheat flour, Water, Salt, Wheat gluten, Soy Oil, humectant: sorbitol; emulsifer: lecithine (contains soy); corn oil, acidity regulator:lactic acid.

Seasoning Liquid 17%: Soy sauce (Water, Soy beans, Wheat, Salt), Water, seasoning with mushroom flavour 8% (Shiitake extract, bonito extract, salt, yeast extract, water), seasoning (flavour enhancer: E621; Ginger powder, modified starch, alcohol beverage made from rice "rice wine", flavour [contains fish], sugar, salt.

Dried Flakes 2%: fried tofu 68% (soy bean, water, firming agent: magnesium chloride; soy oil, emulsifier. Lecithine [contains soy]; wheat flour), Shittake 28%, green onions, onions, fish preparation (Surimi, fish preparation made from fish muscle protein [Alaska pollock, sugar, humectant: E420; stabiliser. E452], corn starch, sugar, salt, emulsifier. E471; flavour enhancer. E471; flavour enhancer. E621; colour. paprika extract), seaweed. 

May contain traces of crustaceans, sesame seeds and molluscs.